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Our Process

We understand that many contractors are notorious for being hard to reach, but we strive to be different. We prioritize answering our customers' calls and inquiries promptly, ensuring that they are well-informed throughout the entire process. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience, coupled with the highest standards of quality in every project we undertake. 



Get a Quote

To kick off the process, let's work through your project details. Fill out the form on our website at "Get a Quote." Please share your ideas and requirements.


Estimated Bid  

We'll work diligently to create a detailed estimate of your project after you fill out the form. If we have any questions or need more information, we'll get in touch promptly. Once ready, we'll send the estimated bid your way via email. 


Sign Contract

If the bid aligns with your expectations and you're ready to move forward, we'll start the contract process. You'll receive a formal document outlining project details, costs, and terms. Review it; if everything looks good, you can sign electronically. We'll also provide you with an estimated start date.


Building Your Project

While the timeframe and specific requirements for each project will vary, here is a 40 x 45 Shop Build to give you more of an idea of what to expect. 

Day One

Prep / Staging / Concrete 

Day 2

Constructing Walls

Day 3

Wall Installation

Day 4


Day 5

Overhangs / Roof Sheeting

Day 6-7

Shingles / Tyvek

Day 8-9

Sofit / Facia / Siding

Day 10

Finishing Siding / Exterior


Building Done

As construction wraps up, we will walkthrough the build to address any remaining concerns you may have. If everything looks good we will be on our way so you can enjoy your new building. 

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